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Million Dollar Beast

Growing up with three brothers, she had no choice but to learn to defend herself from an early age. Now, a mixed martial arts instructor and soon-to-be professional boxer, Kristina “Million Dollar Beast” Castle dedicates the majority of her time training herself and others in the art of self-defense

With 18 years in MMA experience and 6 years since transitioning to boxing, Castle plans to make a boxing pro-debut late in February. Though she maintains herself in fantastic shape through her vigorous workouts, strength and conditioning coach Andy Aguilar, who works with world champions Leo Santa Cruz and Jaime Munguia, has joined Castle’s team to polish her talent for her first fight.

“From a boxing standpoint, I gotta make sure that she is delivering all the force within her fist,” said Coach Aguilar. “That she is light on her feet and she has the conditioning. Plain and simple.”

The South Pasadena Native spars with men most of the time, since finding women sparring partners near her weight class is often difficult. Though she aims to fight in the featherweight division, this young beast has no problem dropping her male opponents in the ring.

“I’ve knocked a couple of people down where they had a long time to get back up, but they were not necessarily out,” said Castle. “Two times, those have been guys and one time it was a girl. Then I broke a couple of people’s ribs.”

According to Castle, her sparring partners got their ribs broken from “running into her punches” in what she referred to as “light sparring,” so one can only imagine and look forward to what this “Million Dollar Beast” is capable of doing in the ring.

“I feel like women that I’ve fought with or sparred with are more scary than guys half the time,” Castle laughed. “Girls come in there and they’re just all trying to knock me out.”

Luis Mejia

To follow Kristina “Million Dollar Beast” throughout her new journey as a pro-boxer, follow her on Instagram @MillionDollarBeast.

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