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Welcome to Xicana Boxing, the brainchild of Liliana Ulloa Santos, a nonbinary media communications expert with a passion for boxing that runs as deep as their roots. 


At Xicana Boxing, we're more than just a platform; we're a community. Founded on Lily's love for the sport and commitment to storytelling, we aim to highlight the nuanced stories of fighters, celebrate diversity within boxing, and connect fans to the heart and soul of the sport. Join us in our journey to redefine boxing coverage, one punch and one story at a time.

We're more than just unbiased boxing content.

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Xicana Boxing is where the passion for the sport meets the stories behind the gloves. Our mission is to bring fans closer to the heart of boxing by delving into the fighters' intersecting identities and how these shape their experiences inside and outside the ring. We're not just about the fights; we're about understanding the fighters, exploring the richness of the backgrounds, cultures and communities they represent. By highlighting these stories, Xicana Boxing aims to offer a more profound, nuanced perspective on the sport, celebrating the diversity and complexity of its competitors.


At Xicana Boxing, our vision is to revolutionize the way fans engage with boxing, giving you a front-row experience to the intertwining paths of personal and professional journeys. We aim to be the arena where each punch unravels a tale, every bout mirrors a larger picture, and the distinct identity of each boxer isn’t ignored or dismissed when it matters. 

We will bring some of the best boxing news with the most popular boxers, as well as highlight local boxing shows in the community.


In the often monotonous arena of boxing media, dominated by voices that echo the same tired narratives, diversity frequently finds itself on the ropes before the match even begins. Xicana Boxing steps into the fray to deliver a knockout blow to the status quo, wielding a bold and vibrant voice that challenges conventional norms. We're not just here to spotlight the upcoming wave of fighters; we're in the ring battling for a revolutionary future of boxing media—a future that's as diverse, inclusive and genuinely authentic as the sport itself.


At the core of Xicana Boxing is a commitment to illuminating the multifaceted identities that make up the world of boxing. Our purpose extends beyond the ring—to uncover and highlight the ways in which a fighter's background, beliefs, and battles for justice intersect with their sporting life. By focusing on these intersections, we aim to bring to light the broader social and community contexts that shape and are shaped by these athletes. Through in-depth features, coverage of community events, and exploration of social justice movements as they relate to boxers' identities, Xicana Boxing seeks to enrich the narrative of boxing, making it a more inclusive, diverse and engaging sport for all.

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