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Lucas Matthysse retires from boxing

After 14 years of boxing, hard hitting former WBA “regular” welterweight champion Lucas “La Maquina” Matthysse took to Instagram last night to announce his retirement from boxing.

“Gracias al boxeo mi vida cambió. Orgulloso de la carrera que pude a ser saliendo un día desde Trelew Chubut gracias a huinca Méndez x tenerme toda la pasiencia mi creador con el en pese a los 11 y los 14 x cosa de l vida me fui a vivir a esperanza santa fe y de hay a Rafaela un año con Luis artigas entrenador haciendo algunas peleas y de hay a Vera Santa Fe a La casa de otra gran familia que me dio todo Juan keler entrenador y después 4 año y medio al la selección argentina de box donde fue muy duro pero bueno de recordar en mi vida a todos los pibes que conocí y tremendos boxeadores representado a argentina con buenos y malos resultado pero gran experiencia en mi vida que voy a recordar siempre . Me vine para Trelew con 21 años ya a Trelew y forme mi familia y decidí irme nuevamente a Junin donde pase 11 años de mi carrera con el gran Cuty barrera hoy con 35 años nuevamente en Trelew mi lugar en el mundo . Orgulloso de a verme mantenido 10 años en el primer nivel mundial donde pelee con los mejores del boxeo lo más alto que aspire cumplí mi sueño de ser campeón mundial y a ver vivido todo esto muchísimas gracias a mi familia x estar siempre a mi vieja en especial que pasamos muchas cosas y la e echo sufrir tanto x que también tuve mi parte mala pero siempre estuvo. Gracias a todos los que me siguieron en mi carrera x todo su cariño que es lo mas lindo de esto el boxeo un lindo ambiente. Hoy decido colgar los guantes se viene otra etapa en mi vida . de Trelew Chubut argentina Lucas Martin Matthysse orgulloso de a ver representado a mi provincia mi país mi barrio 👊🇦🇷 ME RETIRO DEL BOXEO 1-8-2018 y muchísimas gracias a todas las personas que conocí gracias al boxeo”

Matthysse (39-5, 36 KOs) helped to keep Argentinian boxing alive this recent era by taking on entertaining fights that gained him the respect of boxing fans worldwide.

Matthysse’s clash in the ring with John Molina Jr. was one of his most memorable performances as both boxers pummeled each other for 11 competitive rounds sending each other to the canvas on various occasions. The bout came to conclusion with Matthysse landing the final brutal punch that would knock out Molina in the championship rounds. The toe-to-tie battle would be recognized as 2014s fight of the year by the Boxing Writers Association of America.

Though he lost tough battles for welterweight world titles against Danny “Swift” Garcia and Victor “The Iceman” Postol, the perseverance and passion for boxing radiated with every punch landed saved him a particular spot in most boxing fan’s heart.

The Argentinian warrior acquired a WBA world welterweight title on Jan. of this year by way of knockout against Tewa Kiram, who was at the time undefeated. After that fight, Matthysse landed the biggest fight of his career by taking on Filipino future hall of famer Manny “Pac-Man” Pacquiao in Malaysia. Pacquiao took complete control of the battle by dropping Matthysse on three several occasions before the fight was waved off by the referee.

Humble in defeat, Matthysse thanked his fans for supporting him but hinted at a possibility of retiring. In the recent weeks, we’ve seen the former Argentinian champion on vacation and enjoying time with his daughter, which after his Pacquiao payday, will now receive his undivided attention.

Matthysse’s training coach Joel Diaz also took to Instagram to congratulate and send his best wishes on his fighter’s retirement.

“Everything in life has a beginning and an end, everything that goes up, eventually has to come down and today one of my best fighters retires, but will always be remembered for his great career, a great person, humble man, in and outside the ring, best of luck champ, I appreciate the opportunity to be part of the end of your journey, best of luck and god bless you and your family”

“La Maquina” Matthysse will always be remembered as one of the great Argentinian boxers of this era, and Xicana Boxing wishes him a fulfilling post-retirement life.

Picture credit: Lucas Matthysse (IG)



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