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The booing: cut that sh*t out!

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

If I had a dollar for every time I heard booing at the fights, I’d be debt free and my student loans would already be paid off.  Whether it’s during the walkout, when other boxers in attendance are shown on the big screen, or even right in the middle of the fight- Y’all don’t seem to shut up.

The issue, yes issue, of boxing fans booing a boxing bout, is getting really annoying, really fast. Whether you think the matchup is a mismatch or just plain dull, the booing is utterly disrespectful to those who choose to make their living off putting their life on the line by getting punched continuously in the face while everyone else sits back to watch.

I understand where people are coming from, trust me. Especially Mexicans, we’re used to that warrior going forward style, we want to see a fight that’s exciting, but booing just because you’re not getting the fight you expected or claiming someone’s “exposed” for not accomplishing an early KO? No one cares chief, shut up and let the rest of us enjoy this. To keep it real with you, that crap’s annoying, and it’s tasteless,  especially when it’s a tactically pleasing bout.

NEWS FLASH: Sometimes it’s in the boxer’s best interest not to go toe-to-toe when they are aware their boxing ability overpowers their opponent’s power behind each punch. It’s easy to criticize a boxer for not going toe-to-toe with another dangerous fighter as you watch drunk from the stands or the privacy of your mom’s basement.

Take, for example, Charlo vs. Trout last month. The fight was only TWO rounds in and people in the stands were already booing because it wasn’t “exciting”. Grown men were shouting obscenities as if they were a part of these boxer’s corner.

A more recent example was this past Saturday as we watched Luis “King Kong” Ortiz during his long-awaited return to the ring. In the second round, fans began booing as Ortiz calculated his opponent’s moves. Shortly after, Ortiz finishes Cojanu with brutal punch sending him to the canvas. The booing immediately turned to cheers.

Another great example I’d like to not leave out is the World Boxing Super Series undisputed unification bout between Oleksandr Usyk vs. Murat Gassiev. Most fans expected Gassiev to knock out Usyk eventually; They were hoping for it for the sake of an “entertaining” fight. However, it was beautiful and just as entertaining to see Usyk use his boxing IQ to defeat a much stronger power puncher that is Gassiev. Even with all that power, Gassiev didn’t have any answers.

Boxing fans nowadays feel entitled to be entertained rather than just sitting back and appreciating the craft of the sport. This sport is much more than two people punching each other’s teeth in for your amusement; It’s footwork, it’s timing, it’s excellent accuracy. If you want to see blood and brawling all the time and don’t care for or appreciate the tactical strategy of the sweet science, maybe boxing isn’t the sport for you. May we advise you try MMA? Blood’s almost always guaranteed in those fights, might even watch a bone or two get broken.

Now before you chew my ass about this or say, “You don’t know what you’re talking about,” I’ve been there ringside, for both boxing fights and sparring sessions, and witnessed this first hand. Not only once or twice, but literally at every single fight I’ve been to.

I understand it’s a sporting event and the majority of people are drunk, but even if you don’t want to appreciate the sport, at least sit back and get your money’s worth. We know most of the time these tickets don’t run that cheap. $70-$100+ starting at minimum. Sometimes a little cheaper, but why pay if you’re always expecting that KO in the early rounds? Or why pay at all if you’re just going to boo because the fight isn’t going the way you thought it would? Might as well just stay home and watch it on TV to save yourself some cash.

Let’s learn to appreciate boxing in all its forms, as all boxers have different styles to achieve their win over specific fighters. Not every boxer requires the same gameplan or preparation as the last.  Stop calling anyone who laces up gloves a “bum.” Stop booing at fighters who refuse to go forward with a power puncher and risk being severely hurt just for your entertainment. Respect the boxers, their gameplan against each opponent, and their craft. No need to boo if you disagree with their style; remember, it’s not always about you.

At the next boxing match you attend, while you’re ready to yell like someone’s drunk uncle with a beer in hand, remember that these boxers give up their social life and make sacrifices to show off their boxing abilities, not just start swinging like they’re in a mosh pit. Calladitos se ven mas bonitos.

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Membre inconnu
17 oct. 2023

This post is a legit banger

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